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Happy Valentines Day, yo...

So. Heres the begenning of my romance.

John opens his eyes, slowly pulling himself from my grasp.
For a second, he might see me, an angelic figure. Long black hair, and white feathered wings. Deep, shimmering brown eyes, and a thin, strong body.
"Don't leave me," I whisper, hoping that my voice might reach him. "Please don't leave me again..."
And for just a second, he looks at me, as if he's seen a ghost, but then looks past me, blaming it on the dream. He's naver taken stock in ghost stories.
"If I could," I whisper, sending ripples through his consciousness. "I would give you eternal waking."
I can feel myself fading as the cold water rushes over his body, pulling him closer and closer to awareness.
"Then," I say in a voice thats not even a whisper, putting my hand in his. "Then we could be together."
And then I'm gone, with less substance than a shadow on the wall.

More to come. Tell me what you think.
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