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The writer of "The Crucible", and other great plays has died. It's a tragedy, and he will be missed. I feel kinda bad for targeting him and his specific opinions in sometihng that I wrote.

I have this idea. A story from the point of view of a dream. What happens is this:

This story is a romance. One which will not appeal to the typical romantic, one for which you may have to re-define your conception of the true romantic for. A Razorblade Romance would be an appropriate term, were it not coined by "HIM".

This man has been having a reoccuring dream for most of his life. He thinks nothing of it. He doesn't even remember the dream afterwards. Or maybe it's the same dream, just not a reocurring dream. But anyway, maybe this Dream grows jealous of the dreamers real life, and the fact that try as it might, it will never be able to keep the dreamer with it forever. It stays with this role for a long time, the role of a dream. Its what ap dream does.

When a person is born, a dream is bron with them. Each dream is different, just as every person is different. This dream is a persons personal dream, their "Americcan Dream", their Personal Legend. But the dream stays with them, only showing itself in their sleep, trying to guide them towards their ultimate goal and "fate".

But something has gone wrong with this Dream. It happens every now and then. A dream may become jealous. Not jealous of the dreamer, but of the world in which the dreamer lives. The real world. This usually results in nightmmares and night terrors and such, but every now and then, something happens. In this case, the dream gives the dreamer terrible, torterous dreams. He stops sleeping, which only makes the dream angrier. And once he finally does slip back into sleep, the dream refuses to let him go. Or something to that effect. I dunno quite how it will go, but I think I'm gonna get started on this one when I feel more like myself.

Lets see how I feel about this when I'm more concious.
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