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“Johnny’s Song” - 8/09/06

Johnny was a good boy, the kind who never asked why. And Johnny- Johnny really never had much money. I guess blind faith only goes so far after all.
So Johnny did what all good Christians do. Johnny went to war, and that’s where my good friend died.
And when I saw him four years later Johnny said to me, Johnny said:
"I’ve been to hell and back so many times I thought I’d surely die. Everything I believed turned to dust before my very eyes", and he asked me: “What else is there? My god is dead, my spirit is broken! What is left for me?”
I looked him in the eyes and said nothing.
Johnny your god didn’t die, for it never lived! Johnny, there’s nothing left to live for. You’re naught but a shell with nothing but dust in your veins.
That night Johnny died again, with a grin on his face and the taste of steel between his lips.

"The Flight of Icarus" or "The Fall of Icarus" - 1/28/07.

And just like that, I came crashing down before your very eyes,
'Cuz like these wings, my heart is made of wax.
So maybe I'll fly again, if these wounds would ever heal,
And maybe I'll soar against your skies again,
Like before you shot me down.
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