One for the Road (eternity_on_ice) wrote,
One for the Road

Challenge Response

Story Title:
Challenge #: 22.
Fandom: Origional
Disclaimer: NC-17 for somewhat vivid sexual scenes.
Warnings: It starts out pretty strong. And by strong, I mean... well.. theres sex.
X posted: eternity_on_ice, and theotherwrite


I feel Tully pressing up against me in the dark, his strong arms wrapping around my waist, his hands clutching at my hips.
His hair tickles the back of my neck as he sinks his teeth gently into my shoulder.

I carefully open my eyes, and glance at the clock, hoping that it's not too late.
Its only 2:45. Plenty of time. I can still get a decent night's sleep.

I close my eyes again, this time in ecstasy, and lose myself in the rhythm of his body against mine.

When we're finished, he'll close his eyes, rest his face on my shoulder, and fall asleep.
But I will lay awake for hours, listening to him breathing, feeling the rhythm of his beating heart.
And this will be my lullaby.

And when I wake up tomorrow morning, Tully will be long gone. His impression on the bed, the faint warmth left behind, little more than a temporary stain on my existence.
I'll get up, I'll take a quick shower, and pull on a pair of slacks and my work shirt, heading out the door in a hurry.

I'll take the El downtown, and wait tables for six or eight hours, on the verge of tears all day.
I'll smoke one too many cigarettes, and skip out on my lunch break, my mind filled with dread and doubt.

And when my shift is over I'll go back to my apartment, and sit at my desk, and stare at the spare key that he left there this morning.

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